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Sixth Global International Studies Conference

The ‘International’ Around the World: Multiple Voices, Alternative Orders

Buenos Aires, Argentina

June 28th - July 1st, 2022

Venue: Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina (UCA)

WISC in cooperation with UCA, Universidad de San Andrés and FLACSO Argentina organized the Sixth Global International Studies Conference, which was originally scheduled for July 2020, but took place in Buenos Aires between June 28th - July 1st, 2022. Hosted for the first time in Latin America, the conference sought to include different voices from and around the world regarding different ways to study, explain, understand, and make sense of international studies in general, and international relations in particular.

The world has become a complicated, complex and fascinating place, where multiple plays and voices are unfolding. Those voices come not only from great powers and nation-states, but increasingly from non-state actors and individuals, people at the margins of world politics, silenced voices lost in the cacophony of current events. Consequently, international studies are more than state power and international relations in the traditional sense. With the aim of developing a dialogue between students and scholars from different latitudes and hemispheres, we welcomed proposals that included theoretical and empirical studies that revisited historical and conceptual assumptions and scenarios about the ‘international’ and about world orders, enriched our understanding of current international affairs, and/or suggested institutional innovations for improving the quality of global public policy.

The academic program for the conference was organized in the format of sections composed of panels and/or roundtables. Each panel included between four and five paper presentations, or a roundtable of up to eight participants. Each session had a chair, plus a discussant in the case of a paper panel. The language of the conference was English, with a limited number of panels in Spanish/Portuguese.

We would like to thank for their continuing support former WISC President Gunther Hellmann as well as current President Pinar Bilgin; Roberto Domínguez, Executive Secretary; and Karina Jędrzejowska, Treasurer. Equally, we would like to acknowledge the hard work of the two committees that made this Conference possible; the International Committee: Erica Simone Almeida Resende, Anna Wróbel, and especially Isaac Flores Delgado, our IT wizard; and the Local Committee: Ariel Sebastián González, Andrea Oelsner and Melisa Deciancio.

Our warmest gratitude is extended to the authorities and academic and support staff of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina (UCA), who bore with us for the past three years, and not least the Section Chairs of the more than thirty Sections, to whom we owe an important part of the Conference’s success: Maximiliano Vila Seoane, Daniel Blinder, María Cecilia Míguez, Miriam Gomes Saraiva, Camilo López Burian, Evgenii Gamerman, Marcin Grabowski, Leslie Wehner, Cameron Thies, Rut Diamint, Carina Solmirano, María Florencia Rubiolo, Jorge M. Vega, Olga Zalesskaia, Flavia Guerra Cavalcanti, Pablo Víctor Fontes Santos, Daniel F. Wajner, George Shambaugh, Julieta Zelicovich, Diana Tussie, Pablo Nemiña, Jochen Kleinschmidt, Ralf Leiteriz, Aureo Toledo, Vanessa Matijascic, Najmdeen Ayoola Bakare, Tian-jia Dong, Nicolás Terrada, Mariel R. Lucero, Amichai Magen, Federico Merke, Florencia Montal, Jakob Landwehr, Alexandra Paulus, Ori Preuss, Juan Pablo Scarfi, Andrés Serbin, Andrei Serbin Pont, Francine Rossone de Paula, Rafael Velázquez, Sol Mora, Juliana Manzoni, Christian Rieck, André Härtel, Galia Press-Barnathan, Erica Simone Almeida Resende, Paula Sandrin, Marcos Alan Ferreira, Carolina Sampó, José Briceño-Ruiz, Ariel González, Victor Jeifets, Emilian Kavalski, Danilo Marcondes, Maira Siman Gomes, José A. Sanahuja, Roberto Domínguez, and Melisa Deciancio.


You can find the pdf version of the program HERE.



Our Program Committee

Dr. Arie Marcelo Kacowicz

Professor of International Relations

Department of International Relations

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel 

Dr. Erica Simone Almeida Resende

Assistant Professor

Brazilian War College, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Dr. Anna Wróbel

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Political Science and International Studies

University of Warsaw, Poland 

M.A. Isaac Flores Delgado

Master in International Relations

Chair Section on International Relations

Universidad del Mar, Oaxaca, Mexico

Dr. Andrea Oelsner

Associate Professor

Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina

Dr. Ariel Sebastián González

Associate Professor

Pontificia Universidad Católica, Argentina

Dr. Melisa Deciancio

Associate Professor

FLACSO Argentina


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